Hair Growth Products that work!

The best hair growth products are customized.

Start with our DNA hair growth test that tells you what products will work to grow YOUR hair.  Then we customize the best hair growth serums and action plan for you.

UluRx Ultimate Regrow Complete Hair & Health 30 day supply

Ulu Ultimate Multivitamin and Hair Growth Supplement plus antioxidant, energy and hormone support blend.

5 -in-1 Formula.

$49.99 per 30 Day

The only drug-free supplement formulated to feed the body and hair.

Includes a female support blend, as well as an antioxidant and energy blend.

Ulu Ultimate Hair Growth Serum

$153.99 per 90 Day

Topical solution applied to the scalp.

Formulated with Minoxidil, a custom compound applied to the scalp to promote hair growth in men and women by stimulating blood flow to the scalp, encouraging healthier, thicker hair.

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Ulu UHB_x3_2500x2500px

Ulu Ultimate Hair Growth Bomb with Latanoprost. Are you Ready?

$539.99 per 90 Day

Topical solution applied to the scalp.

Formulated with Latanoprost, Minoxidil, and other FDA approved ingredients to promote hair growth by stimulating blood flow to the scalp.

Ulu Ultimate Vegan Iron Free Multivitamin and Hair Growth Supplement

$49.99 per 30 Day

A 100% Vegan, plant based, and iron free version of our Ultimate Regrow supplement.

It is packed with ingredients proven to grow hair.

UluRx Ultimate Vegain Iron Free 30 day supply
UluRx Complete 30 day supply

Ulu Complete Multivitamin and Hair Growth Vitamin

$39.99 per 30 Day

100% drug-free, nature-made daily vitamins for men & women.

Naturally dosed for whole-body wellness and loaded with hair-loving ingredients.

Oral Medications for Hair and Skin Health


Cephalexin | Spironolactone | Bactrim | Minocycline | Doxycycline | Metronidazole

Customized to your needs. Price based on ingredients and dosage. Kickstart your acne treatment with oral medications. We offer multiple kinds of antibiotic treatments that can clear stubborn face acne in women. These treatments can help reduce inflammation from the inside out, get your acne under control quickly, work for moderate to severe acne, or help with oily skin.

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Copy of Satin Pillowcase Different Background Amazon

Ulu Satin Pillowcase

$11.99 per two Set for King and Queen

Our satin pillowcase will help your blowouts, hairstyles, and extensions last longer.

This is an inexpensive addition to your hair and skin routine that will prevent hair moisture loss, retain the maximum hair vitality, and protect your skin by reducing facial creases and wrinkles.This pillowcase will help maintain your skin soft and moisturized.

Ulu Scalp Massager

$12.99 per Two Pack

Our hair scalp massager feels fabulous as it gently exfoliates and cleans your scalp.

It helps to prevent hair thinning and encourages faster hair growth from a clean, healthy, stimulated scalp. Our soft silicone hair scalp massager relaxes and reduces stress.

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