Keep the dark spots away!

Tired of dark spots and discoloration on your body? Get rid of it for good with our custom, science-based, prescription-strength body cream.

Custom, Prescription-Strength Retin-A Anti-Aging Body Cream.

Keep the discoloration away.

Science-based dark spot and discoloration treatment.

Our go-to formula for treating dark spots and discoloration includes tretinoin, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, and hydroquinone or kojic acid. Consult with one of our licensed providers to discuss treatment to get rid of dark spots today.

Goodbye dark spots.

When it comes to treating your dark spots, age spots and discoloration, we are dialed in. Our potent, three-step approach starts with a video chat with a licensed medical professional. From there you’ll receive a customized treatment plan developed just for you and delivered to your door.

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