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Tanisha Anderson, DNP, APRN, FNP-c

Tanisha Anderson DNP, APRN, FNP -c, is a Nurse Practitioner with
over 17 years of combined healthcare industry experience. She was
born in Georgia and mostly raised in Florida where she attended
elementary, junior high, and high schools. Dr. Anderson attended
nursing school, first attaining her Associate’s Degree, followed by her
Bachelor’s Degree. She then went on to attain a Master’s Degree in
Nursing from Chamberlain University where she graduated with
High Distinction Honors. She continued with her education
completing her Doctoral Degree and graduating from the University
of North Florida with the equivalent of Distinction Honors. The
passion Dr. Anderson has for health promotion and disease
prevention runs deep. With a goal to help as many patients as
possible regain control of their health, Dr. Anderson bases her
treatment on the most current evidence available, and prides herself
in educating her patients so they are able to make better health care
choices and “own their health”.


Krista Brinkerhoff, FNP-C, BSN, FNP-C, BSN

Krista Brinkerhoff, FNP-C, BSN  is specialized in the general health care of all age groups with a focus on hormone replacement therapy (HR), chronic pain management, and mental health wellness through a variety of appropriate treatment options. She has over 20 years as a registered nurse with skills in dermatology, chronic allergy management, operating room, and recovery room experience. She has more than 15 years serving the elderly with multiple comorbidities in a home health-based setting. 

Krista is currently working with hospice patients who require ongoing changes with their treatment plans. She believes that HRT is key to helping improve the overall health of those experiencing unwanted side effects from aging. Her approach to health is that by taking care of one’s own physical issues, improvement to mental symptoms can occur. Her belief is that the body and mind are one. Assisting individuals to feel better about themselves, helping with physical improvements, mental conditioning, and treatment for disease can provide longevity and the best quality of life.

Krista earned her Master of Science in Nursing degree at Indiana State University in 2019, her Associates of Applied Science in nursing from Weber State University in 2003 and a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing also from Weber State University in 2007. 

She is currently a member of the AANP as well as America’s Top Nurses,  mother of 3 boys, loves to stay active by hiking, paddle boarding, boating, skiing, fishing, watching sports, and spending time with family and friends. 

Dr. Whitney Dessio

Dr. Whitney Dessio, MD, MPH, CWSP

Dr. Whitney Dessio is a board-certified preventive medicine physician who specializes in skin and wound care. Educated and trained at Columbia and Stony Brook, her studies culminated in numerous publications including several in dermatology. She started her own practice after directing the Wound Healing Department at Montefiore Medical Center. With over 10 years of practice and research, she draws upon her vast experience and passion to help patients achieve their skin goals. She believes that essential to achieving those goals is feeding both your brain and body well. Anti-aging and wellness, nutritional healing, and cosmetic dermatology are a few of her academic interests. Born and raised in Westchester County, New York, she currently lives in Connecticut where she enjoys sketching, reading, swimming, and traveling.

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